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Individual Health Insurance.

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Welcome to Individual Health Insurance: We are here to help!

Shopping for Individual Health Insurance can be a difficult process! Avoid the frustration and let us take care of it for you. Call the office directly at 336-228-9200 to schedule an appointment or complete the form below. We are ready to discuss your individual health insurance needs and help you navigate the quoting and enrollment process. We are licensed with The Marketplace (ACA) and Direct Plan Providers in NC. We also provide Short Term Medical, Indemnity and Hospital plans, as well as dental and vision plans.

Health Assistance Approval

First, we need to speak with you to collect the date and time that you give our licensed health agent your permission to speak with you and collect personal information needed to quote, shop, enroll, and make future changes.  Once we document your permission, we will send you two documents by email.

  • Thank You Letter 
  • Privacy Notice
Eligible to Enroll in a Health Plan Now?

Open Enrollment : November 1st to January 15th each year

Anyone can enroll or renew during this time. Even if you have a plan, you still need to review your renewal. 

Open Enrollment begins on November 1st each year and ends on December 15th, with a January 1st effective date.  From December 16th until  January 15th, you can still enroll with a February 1st effective date.  

SEP (Special Enrollment Period) : Available anytime during the year, if you qualify 

Can I enroll after January 15th?  Yes, if you meet the eligibility criteria for a SEP.  A SEP is a certain set of life change events that open a 60-day window of enrollment.  This includes losing your health insurance or moving to a new location.  These events can happen anytime during the year. 

Collecting Household Information for a Quote

To prepare a quote, we will need to collect personal information about you and your family members.  The basic quote information includes:

  • Zip Code
  • Date of Birth and Sex for each person applying for coverage
  • Tobacco use for each person applying for coverage
  • List of primary providers and medications 
  • Number of people in your Tax Household*
  • Annual Gross Household Income for your Tax Household*

*Information needed to determine qualification for an APTC, if requested

What is an Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC) and Cost-Sharing Reductions (CSRs) and Do I Qualify?

APTC – A subsidy that lowers your monthly insurance premium

CSRs – Extra savings that reduce out-of-pocket costs by decreasing deductibles, coinsurance, copays, and out-of-pocket max.

To qualify for an APTC, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Income above 100% Federal Poverty Level (FPL)
  • Not be eligible for public coverage, such as Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP), Medicare or covered through the Armed Services
  • Not have affordable access to insurance through an employer

Household income between 100% and 250% of FPL could qualify for both the APTC and CSRs

We can help you determine if you qualify for one or both of these advantages based on your estimated income

Completing an Application and Enrolling in a Plan

If you decide to move forward and enroll in an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan, we will collect more detailed personal information for all members of your tax household including:

  • Address, phone number and other contact information
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Employer and Income Information

Once we complete your application and enrollment, we will provide you a copy of your application to sign in person or electronically.  During the year, we can assist you with payments, updates, follow-up documents, tax forms and any questions.  We are always just an email or phone call away.

What happens after I Enroll in a Plan?

You will receive your plan information and ID card(s) in the mail, directly from your company.  During the year, we assist with questions and updates.  We also help you re-enroll during open enrollment so there are no renewal surprises!  

We use HealthSherpa as our Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) provider.  They are an approved EDE with the Marketplace and help us manage the quote, shopping, enrollment, payment, update, and renewal process with ease.  It also allows us access to your 1095A for reconciliation of your APTC on your federal tax return.  We DO NOT access the Marketplace directly and only interact, on your behalf, through HealthSherpa.   

More Information about the Marketplace and ACA plans can be found online at or by phone at 1-800-318-2596.  

Click here to complete a contact form.  We look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Individual Health Insurance Quote Request

As an independent agency, we offer multiple options at competitive prices.

  • Coverage will not be bound or changed until confirmed by a licensed agent.
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